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Windsor Group LLC is a professional services company with an established reputation for quality services offering a broad range of capabilities that helps governments and private sector businesses meet their mission requirements.

Specific areas of expertise are as follows:


The Windsor Group Team has a passion for excellence and works diligently to understand our client’s challenges and provide the requisite resources and solutions to address those challenges. We are customer-focused and go to great lengths to develop the trust of all stakeholders and partners with a goal of achieving performance excellence. Our relentlessness and determination in delivering the highest level of services provide tangible value and creates sustainable results for our clients.

What Windsor Group, LLC Promises Our Clients:

  • A High Collaborative Culture – We believe that to be successful we must bring a culture of collaboration to each client engagement. Our cohesiveness and ability to work well together with stakeholders are integral to the success of our projects.
  • Agility, adaptability, flexibility, and responsiveness to get the job done successfully and on time.
  • Adherence to high integrity and ethical standards – in business and personally, we hold ourselves to strong moral principles, good character, honor, and honesty.
  • The ability to bring the right professional to the right position delivering quality service and products.
  • Reasonable pricing while not sacrificing quality.

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